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EGUMPP is the most effective grammar program for middle school, high school, and post-secondary students.

What is EGUMPP?

EGUMPP is a highly interactive online platform for teaching grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. EGUMPP builds conceptual understanding and concrete skills using extremely effective techniques and exercises.

Improve Grammar and Writing Skills

Students who complete EGUMPP obtain a solid grammar foundation that enables them to become better writers and make fewer mistakes in their writing.
Four Modules

Comprehensive Program

The EGUMPP modules provide a complete program for teaching grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. The four-module suite is designed for middle school, high school, and post-secondary students. It can be completed in 30 to 40 hours. Click link below for the full details on each module.


EGUMPP includes four independent modules. Each module is divided into lessons. The lessons include points and rules, interactive exercises and tests, and instructional videos.

20 Lessons
Interactive Exercises
Instructional Videos
  • Topics include:
  • Parts of Speech
    Sentence Types

7 Lessons
Interactive Exercises
Instructional Videos
  • Topics include:
  • Pronoun Usage
    Pronoun Antecedents
    Subject Verb Agreement
    Plus more...

7 Lessons
Interactive Exercises
Instructional Videos
  • Topics include:
  • End of sentence punctuation
    Correct Comma Usage
    Semicolons and Colons
    Plus more...
8 Lessons
Interactive Exercises
Instructional Videos
  • Topics include:
  • Run-on sentences
    Parallel structure
    Misused words
    Plus more...



 No Grading

Every exercise is graded by the system, and students receive immediate feedback after each attempt. This powerful feature allows students to learn as they complete each exercise, and it frees teachers from the time-consuming task of grading.

 Instructor Portal

Teachers have access to an instructor portal for managing the class and monitoring student progress.


Students complete each lesson independently and at their own pace. Students who comprehend the material quickly are not slowed down by those who do not, and students who do not comprehend the material as quickly are not forced to fall behind.

 No Experience Needed

Teachers don't need to be grammar experts to use EGUMPP in a classroom. Our unique approach, exercise formats, and online videos provide everything needed to successfully implement EGUMPP.

 In-Depth Reports

Teachers have access to several different reports that provide an in-depth measurement of student progress and comprehension.

 Easy to Implement

Because the EGUMPP modules are user-friendly and require minimal time to complete, each module can be used as a supplemental addition to a variety of language arts subjects.



EGUMPP includes many features that simplify the process of learning grammar and help students achieve real comprehension that they can apply to their writing.


 More Than 100 Videos

EGUMPP includes an introductory video and instructional videos in each lesson.

 Interactive Exercises

Unlike a simple multiple choice test, EGUMPP exercises and tests are designed to promote authentic learning by using unique and innovative testing methods.

 Immediate Feedback

All exercises are system graded, and students receive immediate feedback after completing every attempt.

 EGUMPP Certification

To promote an additional academic challenge and scholarly recognition, EGUMPP certification is awarded at a Basic, Advanced, or Mastery level to students who qualify.

 Unlimited Practice

Students can repeat exercises and tests as many times as desired. In addition to providing extra practice, this feature also allows students to continually improve their grades.

 Completely Online

All four modules are completed entirely online, and all learning content is delivered online.

 User Friendly

EGUMPP is extremely easy to use. The interface is well organized, and the content and exercises are presented in a simple user-friendly manner.

 Measurable Results

Students who complete EGUMPP aquire an in-depth understanding of grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics; this results in students making fewer writing mistakes.

 Rapid Learning

EGUMPP is organized into short, easy-to-learn lessons that promote rapid learning. Most students can complete all four modules in 30 to 40 hours.


  • My son will attend Yale University in the fall. Thanks to the training and preparation from EGUMPP, he scored perfectly in SAT Writing and only missed one question in SAT Reading.

    Parent of a high school student

  • EGUMPP is the best online grammar program we have used. The program is thorough and challenging–it engages the students so well that many say they look forward to working on grammar!

    High School English Department Chair

  • EGUMPP is a part of our freshmen-level Media Writing course now, and we are definitely seeing the difference in the grammar, punctuation, and usage skills of our students.

    Tommy Thomason – Texas Christian University



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